Dry Running Reverse Balance Seal

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The globe star engineers (india) are the major mechanical seal providing company of India. We are considered as the trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the dryer running reverse balance seal. We have designed and developed the B89 RA/CG series of dry running reverse balance seals.

The seals are fabricated from the high grade material and dynamically tested on steel, glass lined and SS mixers, agitator and vessels.              
The dry running reverses balance seal is used on top entry agitators. The seals are used to prevent the contamination in food products and pharmaceutical products, agitated by agitator mixers. The seals do not require any external media for lubrication. Different types of face materials and elastomers are used for the relevant functioning. That’s why the seal has a wide range of application in the industry.

Dry Running Reverse  Balance Seal



 Application :-

(1) Face Material :- (Dynamic Ring & Stationary Ring)
      Carbon, Ceramic (99.5%) Silicon Carbide,
      Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Cast Steel &
      Which Are Suitable For Fluid.
(2) Elastomer :- (Secondary Seal)
      Viton, EPDM, Silicon, Aflas, PTFE, GFT, TCV & FEP, TTV, Kalrez.
(3) Hardware :- SS 316, SS 304, Hast-C, Monel, Alloy 20



- General Light Chemicals
- Food Products
- Pharmaceutical Products
- Corrosive Chemicals
 Operating Limits :-    Seal Characteristics :-

- Shaft Diameter : 20mm to 150mm (0.75" to 5.875")
- Pressure :- 20 Bar (kg/cm 2)
- Temperature :- 125°c (Maxi)
- Shaft Speed : Upto 6000 RPM According to Shaft Size & Pressure.
- Outside Mounted
- Independent of Direction of Rotation
- Reverse Balanced
- Dry Running Type
- Single Acting
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