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External Mounted Reverse Balance Seal

Series : B89R

As a one of the leading company manufacturing, supplying and exporting the mechanical seals, we offer the finest quality of external mounted reverse balances seal. We have designed the B89R series of seals, with ‘o’ ring as secondary seal. The external mounted reverse balance seal is specially fabricated for the application with the corrosive chemicals. The seals are used for the protection of the metallic components like retainer, washer and spring. The seal face and elastomers can be customized as per requirement of the application. The seal can perform better in the acidic and extremely corrosive atmosphere.


Globe Star Standard Style

  • Face Materials : (Dynamic Ring & Stationary Ring ) Carbon, Ceramic (99.5%). Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Cast Steel, Stellite & Which Are Suitable For Fluid.
  • Elastomer : (Secondary Seal) PTFE, GFT, CFT, FEP, TCV, Viton, Silicon, NBR.
  • Hardware : SS 316, SS 304, Hast - C, Monel, Alloy -20.


  • Acid & Acidic Atmosphere
  • General & Light Chemicals
  • Extremely Corrosive Services

Operating Limits

  • Shaft Diameter : 18 mm to 100 mm (0.5" to 4.0")
  • Pressure : Vacuum.....5 Bar (kg/cm 2)
  • Temperature : -45°c to 180°c
  • Shaft Speed : Upto 6000 RPM According to Shaft Size & Pressure.

Seal Characteristics

  • Single Acting
  • Reverse Balanced
  • Independent Direction Of Direction
  • Out-side Mounted